Do’s and Don’ts: Barcelona

A place to which people dream of retiring. One of the few with both beautiful beaches and even more awe-inspiring architecture. 


Take yourself on a walking tour of the city, spotting every Gaudí creation you can.



  • Take in a leisurely day at a big Spanish public beach.
  • Take in a game at the stadium, or at least stop by to see the behemoth structure.
Not even U2 concerts can stop tours of the massive stadium.
  • Check out some local bars. And Ovella Negra (The Black Sheep) if you want to meet some [drunk] tourists.
  • Find the Magic Fountain (Font màgica de Montjuïc).



  • Be afraid of the old ladies offering “massahes” on the beach. It’s a 5+ minute PG massage on the beach. And yes, it’s always great.
  • Be lazy and miss out on what the city has to offer.


  • Let pictures of your face in the L’Ovella Negra sheep cutout get onto the internet.



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