Do’s and Don’ts: Amsterdam

So much history. So much culture. So hard to remember…


Take pictures.

Lots of pictures. Helps the memory issue.


Stroll around the city doing nothing but appreciating the architecture.

The buildings and canals themselves deserve at least an afternoon of appreciation.


  • Go to a coffeeshop. Bluebird if you’re asking.


  • “Try the coffee.”
  • Not just the liquid kind.
    • Enjoy the snacks that come with the “coffee” (responsibly).
  • Check out the van Gogh museum.
  • Learn some history at the Anne Frank house.
  • Check out the Heineken Brewery.
  • Make at least one loop around the Red Light district at night just/at least to see what it looks like.
Slightly less glamorous than the Parisian version...
Slightly less glamorous than the Parisian version…


  • Feel that you have to go to a live sex show. You do not have to do anything. And, unfortunately, there are some things you cannot un-see…
  • Underestimate the strength of the coffee.
  • Go to the Anne Frank museum in the wrong state of mind.

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